InertiaJS and ColdFusion

InertiaJS is a new JavaScript framework made for people who don't really need an API but want to use a modern JavaScript framework like React or Vue as their view layer.
Inspired by libraries like Turbolinks, InteriaJS makes your app behave like a SPA while still being a fully sever-rendered app.
In this talk, we will go through

(1) Visual explanation of InertiaJS
(2) How to set up InertiaJS on the server
(3) How to set up InertiaJS on the client
(4) Demo of the end result
(5) Pros and Cons

So skip writing the API you are only using yourself, just use your framework as normal and take advantage of the great frontend JavaScript world at the same time.

The Speaker is Eric Peterson from Ortus Solutions:
Eric Peterson is a CFML and Javascript developer at O.C. Tanner in Salt Lake City, Utah and more recently with Ortus Solutions (ColdBox, CommandBox, etc.). He attended the University of Utah and received a degree in Information Systems thinking he would hate programming as a career. He started programming in CFML (and in general) in 2012 and has never been more happy to be proved wrong. He is the current maintainer of ColdBox Elixir and a prolific module author on He loves creating tools to help bring CFML up to date with other modern languages and communities. In his free time, Eric loves to participate in theater, musicals, and to spend time with his wife and two boys. He can be found on Twitter, Slack, and GitHub.