ColdFusion Builder for VS Code

Mark Takata, the Adobe CF Technical Evangelist for ColdFusion will give a presentation on the new ColdFusion Builder extension for VS Code. During his talk he will discuss:
* Access built-in support for IntelliSense code completion, better semantic code understanding, and code refactoring.
* Identify security vulnerabilities and maintain the integrity of your code.
* Manage your work with extensions, remote project support, integrated server management, a log viewer, and more!
* Customize every feature to your liking by creating shortcuts, easily formatting and reusing code, and using powerful extensions to better your best.
Adobe ColdFusion Server Panel
Manage your ColdFusion Servers, associate projects to debug, or even preview project files directly from the Integrated Server Management Panel.
Access the files and data sources, set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud on a ColdFusion Server easily with RDS.
PMT Code Profiler Report Integration
Improve the performance of your codes by knowing exactly how much time it takes to run a specific line of code with the PMT Code Profiler.
Security Analyzer Report Integration
Validate the CFML syntax of your application with the Security Code Analyzer which runs the ColdFusion compiler on your pages and reports the errors it encounters.
Code Assist
Get prompts to the codes you enter and a list of valid CFML tags, parameters, and attributes to complete your code with Code Assist.
Code Refactoring
Clean up the code, reduce complexity and improve the functionality of a program easily with the help of Code refactoring.
Quick Fix
You can recognize the usage of methods, classes, CFC/CFM files in the code and generate them too with Quick Fix.