Managing All your ColdFusion Servers with CommandBox

Managing your ColdFusion Server with CommandBox (CLI) with Brad Wood. CommandBox is a standalone, native tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux that will provide you with a Command Line Interface (CLI) for developer productivity, tool interaction, package management, embedded CFML server, application scaffolding, and sweet ASCII art. It seamlessly integrates to work with any of Ortus Solutions *Box products, but it is also open for extensibility for any ColdFusion (CFML) project as it is written in ColdFusion (CFML) using our concepts of CommandBox Commands.

CommandBox also functions as a package management tool which integrates seamlessly with ForgeBox. During this meeting Brad will give you an introduction to CommandBox to mange your ColdFusion Server as well as CF Config to Mange the CF Admin.

About Brad Wood: Brad has been programming ColdFusion since 1999 and has used every version of CF since 4.5. He first fell in love with ColdFusion as a way to easily connect a database to his website for dynamic pages. He actively participates in the CF community. He currently works for Ortus Solutions