Using ColdFusion ORMs

The ColdFusion language introduced the concept of ORM (Object Relation Mappings) to allow developers to be able to do database work without having to write database-dependent SQL. ColdFusion introduced the concept in a way that allows you to leverage your existing knowledge in CFC (ColdFusion Components) to leverage persistent data within a database with very minimal work. This session will cover background on ORMs, What is scaffolding, Relation to CFCs/components, Basic CRUD with CF ORM, Building Relationships using ColdFusion ORM, HQL and then Optimizations, Debugging, and Gotchas.

The Speaker is:
Nick Kwiatkowski is an adjunct professor at Michigan State University, a member of the Mid-Michigan CFUG, and Apache Foundation Member. His day job also includes managing the telecommunications platforms at MSU as well as managing a variety of applications on campus. He has been a ColdFusion developer for nearly 25 years and an instructor for 15 years.